About Us

Man holding Curmudgeon Bass Distortion

Jeff Davis - Owner/Designer/Bassist

Jeff spent years tweaking circuits and wanting to share what he was building. The reaction to his first release, the original MBD1, was more than he could have hoped for and he launched Damnation Audio in 2016. Jeff builds only what he can't find for himself. If it doesn't further his cause or the greater human experience, then he would find it hard to work on it all day. Welcome to Damnation Audio. We love you.

Women petting Dog

Melissa Davis - Shop Manager

Melissa handles all the little things that put Damnation Audio products in players’ hands. She also manages shop dog Iggy, shop cat Frida, and their shenanigans.

Man holding Guitar

Dave Gill - Manufacturing/Testing

Dave handles product manufacturing at Damnation Audio. He has been designing and building musical instruments and gear for 15 years and plays guitar and bass in a bunch of heavy bands. If you come to Baltimore, he will take you to places you’ve seen in The Wire.